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Jordan wins cases that other firms consider “too hard to win.”

Our founder, Jordan Strokovsky, has a track record of winning large settlements for the victims of serious accidents. If you’ve suffered a serious accident at your workplace, we can help you to secure the compensation needed to make up for past and future lost wages, pay your medical bills, and help to compensate you for pain and suffering.

Strokovsky LLC has earned millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of its clients. Allow us to serve you.

How Many Workplace Injuries Happen Per Year in PA?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3.3 percent of the Pennsylvanian workforce experience a nonfatal workplace-related injury. This amounts to roughly 156,000 injured workers using data from 2018. Of these injuries, about 43,000 of them resulted in missed days of work.

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Is Often Not Enough

Workers’ compensation payments can offset some lost wages while an employee is recovering from an injury but they do not begin to cover the true costs of physical and mental health issues that can arise as a result of a worksite injury.

These injuries often have effects that can last years or even a lifetime, something workers’ compensation will often not compensate you for.

Let Strokovsky LLC Fight For Compensation For Your Worksite Injury

If you have been injured in a worksite accident, Jordan Strokovsky and his team will fight for what you deserve. Jordan works closely with a variety of experts, including a doctor on his staff full-time, to investigate the cause of your injury and identify the parties liable for providing the necessary compensation.

If I haven’t expressed my gratitude I want to thank you for representing me. You did a great job representing me.


Thanks for lunch, and for making this law suit a walk in the park for me. You’re an example of the best in your profession.


I have to say, I will never want to follow Jordan in speaking again. I thought he was absolutely tremendous.

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Fabulous work. Mr. Strokovsky, you are very, very good at cross-examination.

E. Dist. Pa.

Gm brother just wanted to thank u again for helping make sure the time take out of my life was compensated and helped me secure my children’s future I greatly appreciate u.


If I haven’t expressed my gratitude I want to thank you for representing me. You did a great job representing me. You worked hard and I appreciate you. Whatever the outcome I thank you. You made me proud to say you were my attorney.

S. L.

Jordan has recovered millions of dollars for catastrophic injury clients.

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