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If you or a loved one have been catastrophically injured by no fault of your own, Jordan Strokovsky and his team will fight for your family and your quality of life. Jordan is handling cases against some of the biggest corporations and institutions in Philadelphia and beyond and has recovered millions for his seriously injured clients.

Because of the distress associated with a personal injury, the thought of holding someone responsible can seem like a hopeless situation. There are so many priorities to think about that fighting for your rights can seem like too much of a distraction from what’s really important: your health and your family’s well being.

However, the costs associated with an injury of this magnitude can be devastating. Someone is going to need to pay for your recovery, and it shouldn’t be you. You need an attentive and caring attorney who understands what you’re going through to promptly give you updates, answer your questions, and prevent you from being hounded by bill collectors and insurance companies.

And most importantly, you need an attorney who tirelessly investigates the facts and seeks the truth, navigates the difficult contours of the law, and has the ability to connect with a jury. You need Jordan Strokovsky.

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Areas of Practice

Catastrophic Injury & Wrongful Death

Catastrophic injuries are either long-term and debilitating or cause deformities and include brain or spinal cord damage. Serious burns, amputations, and bone fractures can also be considered catastrophic. If your life has been thrown off track by a catastrophic injury, we can help you get what you need to get back on track. If the worst has happened, and you're a family member looking for justice for wrongful death, we can help you as well.

Medical Malpractice & Birth Injuries

A diagnosis missed, a surgery gone wrong, an action taken too late—medical errors happen too often and many times as a result of corporations designing hospitals to maximize profit over the well-being of their patients. Hold these corporations accountable. Take action.

Trucking & Bus Accidents

When regulations and rules of the road are followed, tractor trailers and buses should never be the cause of accidents and life-changing injuries. If the driver did something wrong, then the company should be held accountable. The same goes for car accidents. If someone hits you and causes serious injury, they should be held accountable.

Worksite Accidents

Most employers are required to cover worksite accidents in their workers' comp insurance. However, there are situations where you might need to sue someone else as well for the role they played in the accident. If you think your situation qualifies, like being injured while traveling for work or being injured due to another contractor's mistake, then we can help you hold that third party accountable.

What’s Being Said

Thanks for lunch, and for making this law suit a walk in the park for me. You’re an example of the best in your profession.
I have to say, I will never want to follow Jordan in speaking again. I thought he was absolutely tremendous.
The Honorable Jack Markel
Honorable Governor of Delaware
Fabulous work. Mr. Strokovsky, you are very, very good at cross-examination.
Federal Judge
E. Dist. PA.
Gm brother just wanted to thank u again for helping make sure the time take out of my life was compensated and helped me secure my children's future I greatly appreciate u.
If I haven’t expressed my gratitude I want to thank you for representing me. You did a great job representing me. You worked hard and I appreciate you. Whatever the outcome I thank you. You made me proud to say you were my attorney.
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